About Us:

CCW Tactical Defense, LLC was formed to provide convenient, professional, and affordable firearms training in the St.Louis area. While there are other choices out there, many are lacking in the extra details we provide. We don't cover only what the states require, but also cover more detail relating to gun ownership, operation, and maintenance. Our hope is that by using this teaching method, we encourage students to not just attain their CCW endorsement or class completion certificate, but to practice in the future, have fun, and enjoy shooting sports.

We believe that having your CCW permit is like having a license to use a special tool that you hope you never have to use. But if a time comes when you must use it, you need to be well trained and practiced in its operation. CCW Tactical Defense can provide you with that training and knowledge.

Our instructors are all NRA certified and have experience with a variety of firearms and shooting sports. We encourage participation in firearms sports as a fun activity that has the added benefit of honing marksmanship skills. There are many clubs and ranges around the St. Louis area to practice and safely enjoy your firearms. Many of the outdoor ranges are available for use free of charge. The Missouri Department of Conservation oversees their operation. For more creature comforts and to get out of the weather, there are also some great indoor ranges. Some require membership while others are open to the public.

Our Classes:

Our classroom portion of the training is conducted in a climate controlled room with access to bathrooms. There will be regular short breaks throughout the day. Lunch will be provided in the form of a sliced sub sandwich or pizza. If you require something other than this you will need to provide it yourself. You are welcome to bring your own snacks to enjoy throughout the day. No snacks are provided.

The range portion of the instuction will be conducted at an outdoor private range. CCW Tactical Defense provides the pistols and ammunition. You can use your own pistol and ammo for the range portion. Since this is an outdoor activity, bring sunscreen and bugspray if you think you need it.

The Florida, Missouri and the NRA Basic Pistol course require 8-9 hrs to complete depending on class size. The Illinois CCW class requires either 8 or 16 hours depending on which class you need. The range portion typically requires 2 hours. The regular schedule is 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on the day(s) of the scheduled class. Weekday classes can be arranged by special request.

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